Axopar 37 / Brabus Shadow 900

Generation #2 of the Axopar 37 makes an already great boat better. Effortless and comfortable to drive even in high seas, its performance and efficiency are a benchmark to others. A wide model line-up from open Spyder to Sun Top and Cross Cabin, plus the modular layout options, offer the right choice for many needs. Top of the range is the ultra-luxurious high-performance boat Brabus Shadow 900.

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Manufacturer Axopar Boats, Finland
Basics length: 11.50 m (11.73 m Brabus)
width: 3.35 m
draught: 0.85 m
weight (kg): 3,590 kg (4,200 kg Brabus)

CE category: B
motor: 2 x 225 to 2 x 350 HP (2 x Mercury 450R Brabus)
beds on board: 2