Bayliner M15 / Quicksilver Activ 475 aXess

The US boat builder Brunswick uses the principle of the platform strategy from the automotive industry for its well-known Bayliner and Quicksilver brands. This means that apart from the equipment and the design, the boats are identical in construction. They are based on the same hull and have exactly the same handling characteristics.
In the case of the open entry-level models that we just got to know in the south of France, these are the Bayliner M15 and the Quicksilver Activ 475 aXess, both manufactured in Portugal. Both are further developments of the Element series from Bayliner.

What the manufacturer says

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Manufacturer Bayliner Boats, USA

Apart from the different upholstery and extras, the Bayliner M15 – as the ready-to-drive entry version – and the more adaptable Quicksilver Activ 475 aXess version the two boats, based on the same hull, are almost similar.